Robotics has been a rapidly increasing industry for many years now, and trends show no signs of decline. In fact, according to the International Federation of Robotics, industrial robot usage has increased 10% globally since 2020, spurred on by the pandemic. As this industry continues to grow and robotics become more accessible to everyday citizens, it will become even more crucial to rely on manufacturers with experience and specialization in robotic systems, such as Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI).

Here are a few up and coming trends in robotic systems: 

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic systems are revolutionizing the way products are counted, organized, and manufactured, and this form of automation is anticipated to grow even more in coming years. Processes that once used to be manual (managing inventory, scheduling appointments, assembly lines, etc.) can now be completely automated thanks to robotic systems. These improvements increase productivity while lowering labor costs.

Data Collection

Robotic systems now are crucial for collecting data and contributing to ecommerce sales. By automating these systems more and more, sales increase, productivity for sellers rises, and labor costs decrease. More specifically, this robotic data collection technology is often completely mobile, where buyers and customers can conduct sales directly from their mobile device. 

Delivery Robots

According to Polaris Market Research, delivery robots are becoming a hot topic in the robotic systems industry as technology advances to create bots that can deliver packages and food orders directly to buyers’ doors. Especially with the pandemic and increase in delivery services, the demand for robotic delivery bots has surged in recent years. 


Robotic systems have played a monumental role in the development of medical technology. Not only are inventory and scheduling tasks becoming more and more automated, but tools and machines are quickly entering the market that perform scans and tests more quickly and accurately than ever before. 

As a supplier who specializes in robotic system engineering and design, EDSI values trends and improvements in the robotic systems industry that can transform the way clients design, work, and produce. With a track record of high-quality outcomes for all your design and engineering needs, EDSI can be your trusted partner and supplier as you meet the rise of robotic technology head-on.