Delays in supply chain deliveries can be extremely damaging for both suppliers and their customers. Projects are often planned with carefully articulated timelines, and when those timelines are pushed weeks, or even months, project teams and equipment can be severely compromised. 

On the most basic level, extended delivery timelines cause unsatisfied customers. Delayed projects lead to delayed outputs, and customers want reliable and trustworthy manufacturers that can deliver solutions in a timely manner. Not meeting this expectation can leave a manufacturer with poor customer satisfaction. However, extended delivery dates can also lead to a plethora of other long-lasting concerns for both manufacturers and customers. 

Being given a later delivery date than expected can also mean certain pieces of equipment might be unusable until parts are delivered. This can be catastrophic if those parts are necessary to produce outcomes for multiple customers and projects. Delayed delivery can also mean having to replace or repair tools and equipment unexpectedly.

These problems can often snowball, causing worker anxiety and frustration, as delayed deliveries mean that product timelines must be sped up exponentially as soon as deliveries do arrive. Worker productivity is compromised, and manufacturers face financial strain as they seek to overcompensate for delayed deliveries. This strain can be massively detrimental for both company finances and worker morale. 

While supply chain shortages or shifting delivery dates are often inevitable, and caused by factors outside of anyone’s control, choosing the right supplier can lower the risk of being heavily impacted by shifting delivery dates. A professional and experienced supplier, such as Engineering Design Services, Inc., can circumvent these shifting timelines by searching outside of traditional channels in order to meet customer’s needs. Seeking out unique solutions to fit a customer or project’s unique timeline allows for machinery to run smoother, employees to work more productively, and timelines to flow more quickly.