Cable harness assemblies are the backbone of numerous devices and products across a vast array of industries. These assemblies are made up of an intricate and complex arrangement of connectors, cables, and wires that ensure products are functional, safe, and efficient. Even the most minor defect in any component of a cable harness assembly can result in system failures, safety concerns, and excessive costs associated with repairs or recalls. As a result, thorough quality control practices and procedures are critical to ensuring that cable harness assemblies are effective and fully functional.

Environment Testing

Because cable harness assemblies often operate in countless different types of environments, proper quality control involves performing thorough environmental testing to ensure that assembly components can withstand different temperatures, pressures, and physical forces that they may encounter during their service life.

Electrical Testing

Every cable harness assembly is made up of electrical components working synchronously to perform the desired function. In order to ensure full functionality, each electrical component must be tested individually and simultaneously with other parts of the assembly to assess whether connections and signals are operational.


Connectors are vital for cable harness assemblies and can easily cause malfunction throughout the entire assembly if comprehensive quality control processes aren’t implemented. Each connector must be assessed to assure that they are secured and oriented properly, and automated activation processes are functional.

Documentation & Visual Review

Defects sometimes are more visible to the naked eye, and every cable harness assembly must be evaluated to make sure all wires, cables, connectors, and various other components don’t have any debilitating wear and tear. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that labels and packaging are accurate and correct to the customer’s specifications to ensure a properly delivered final product.

Quality control is a necessity, not a luxury, when supplying custom cable harness assemblies. Trusted and experienced companies such as Engineering Design Services, Inc. provide peace of mind that each and every component of a cable harness assembly is carefully analyzed and handled with care before being safely delivered to customers.