Pneumatic systems are ones which move parts or transmit power using compressed air. These systems are critical in many types of manufacturing facilities, and are used to power assembly lines or move products systematically. At Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI), we pride ourselves in providing many common components for pneumatic systems customized to fit the customer’s unique needs:

Compressors: Within a pneumatic system, the compressor is a gas or electricity-powered pump that controls the air pressure by lowering its volume. 

Actuators: Actuators serve as the tools powered by the compressed air. Actuators power the compressed air into systematic and mechanical motions, thus actually performing the desired function of the pneumatic system. For example, making something move in a circular or up-and-down motion. 

Directional Control Valves: A directional control valve is one which facilitates airflow, and can be used to block airflow when necessary.  These are important because they allow airflow in a single desired direction while blocking backflow in the opposite direction. These valves are critical for the actuators. 

Hoses and Tubing: Hoses and tubing are logistical components of a pneumatic system that allow the pressurized air to travel throughout the system, and are typically larger in diameter to allow quicker airflow with fewer interruptions. 

Buffer Tanks: Buffer tanks exist to store compressed air coming out of the compressor, and helps to prevent airflow issues within the actuators. 

Pressure Gauge: The pressure gauge is an essential part of any pneumatic system as it regulates and monitors the air pressure (in PSI) to maintain regulatory levels. Depending on the system, these gauges can be mechanical or electrical, and will become triggered if the pressure becomes too high or falls beneath desired ranges. 

Whether you’re looking for pneumatic system components for an automated assembly line or for more focused tooling, EDSI has a team of qualified designers, engineers, and manufacturers to make your necessities a reality.