Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI) prides itself in offering not only manufacturing capabilities, but also a full-service robotic engineering design team that can assist you in designing your product down to the most precise specifications. Our robotic engineering team is interdisciplinary, meaning that they bring expertise and skill from several fields to ensure that your design is functional, efficient, and accurate to your project needs. 

Firstly, robotic engineering incorporates a strong knowledge of computer science capabilities. Utilizing software programs like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, our team is able to map out your product design digitally before even creating prototypes. This allows for close analysis of each individual component and how it functions within the total product design. This working knowledge of coding and computer programming allows the initial brainstorming process to run smoothly. 

Robotic engineering design also involves an in-depth understanding of electronics and how circuits, controls, and power systems interact with each other. Once a design has been properly coded and prototyped, EDSI’s team is able to carefully test the electronic systems to ensure that they are powered correctly and performing functionally. Often this involves testing sensors and power amplifiers and making necessary adjustments to ensure that the final product is electrically sound. 

EDSI’s design services also include an extensive knowledge of mechanics, which is what moves a project from the design stage to the physical product that a consumer can use. Mechanical engineering incorporates a knowledge of computer science and electronics to create a working robotic system that can perform the desired tasks by bringing a knowledge of schematics and working with physical materials. 

Utilizing EDSI’s robotic system engineering design services ensures that your project is carefully planned and analyzed along every step of the process. Bringing together expertise in computer programming, electrical systems, and mechanics, EDSI’s team can create a thorough design that can be successfully implemented during the manufacturing phase, leading to a final product that meets your needs and functions properly and efficiently on all fronts.