Every manufacturing is facing the challenge of part shortages today. However, a lack of components doesn’t mean you have the luxury of extending your deadlines. While you may have a proven track record with a brand of product, it may be time to consider alternative products. But how do you know you’re choosing the best options that won’t hurt throughput? The answer is in the supplier you choose. The following are factors to consider when looking for alternative parts and the vendor to supply them.

Good or Better

Often purchasing departments and plant managers rely on old standards out of habit. This practice assures predictable production but doesn’t allow for new assemblies that could improve the process. Finding an open-minded vendor with the industry experience to find alternative products could lead to multiple benefits, such as less downtime or increased throughput.

Experienced Supplier

The supplier’s experience in the industry will help them know where to search for the parts or assemblies you need. If they can’t locate the parts you currently use, they will have the background to know where to look for other options.

Expert Consultant

A supplier that acts as a consultant brings industry expertise to the relationship. More than just offering products to purchase, they can advise on the pros and cons of alternative options to help you make the right decision.

Warranty Protection

When deciding on a new option to replace a part or assembly, be sure to review the warranty. It at least meets your current product’s warranty, or in a best-case scenario, exceed it.

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