In a time of innovation and massive technological advancements, the status-quo for pneumatic assemblies is being overtaken by the demand for customized and tailor-made solutions that can keep up with evolving industries. Comprehensive customization is becoming more and more commonplace, and as a result, engineering and design services are more critical than ever to ensure that solutions can be made-to-order.

At its core, engineering design services brings together an interdisciplinary team of mechanics, electrical engineers, and computer programmers to ensure that a customer is able to receive comprehensive feedback on the design and efficacy of any given project. From the initial brainstorming phase, through the numerous rounds of prototypes and adjustments, this engineering design team can use their combined expertise to ensure the final solution meets all of your unique needs and specifications.

Space Efficiency

One of the key benefits of customization is the ability to create solutions that fit into spaces not previously considered to be “standard.” For example, the automotive industry has begun to mass-create both smaller and larger vehicles than were previously commonplace, and as a result, robotics must be altered to fit into these new spaces. Utilizing engineering design services allows for assemblies to be designed using uncommon specifications or layouts, thus optimizing the confines of any particular design without compromising the efficiency and performance of the robotic equipment.

Cost Efficiency

On the surface, customizing solutions might appear to have a hefty price tag compared to off-the-shelf products, but utilizing design and engineering services can actually produce more cost-effective solutions in the long run. For example, custom designs can be created to minimize material usage or waste, increase energy efficiency, or automate performances that would otherwise require manpower. The upfront cost of customization may be deceiving, as tailor-made pneumatic assembly solutions can be seen as a long-term investment in cost-effective performance later down the line.

Optimized Performance

Most importantly, customization and the utilization of engineering design services leads to higher quality assemblies that not only meet your unique design specifications, but also function more effectively. Throughout your project, from the design phase to the final production, engineers, programmers, and mechanics can tweak and adjust the design to ensure that each connection, cable, harness, and component functions as desired and is integrated seamlessly into the final automation. While standardized products might be easier and cheaper to obtain, customizing these products ensures that you have peace of mind that every individual piece and component has been designed to meet your performance needs from beginning to end.

Choosing to invest in engineering and design services for customization grants you access to a wide range of experts in different fields that can provide comprehensive insight on how best to develop or advance your initial designs. Partnering with a trusted and experienced engineering and design team, such as those at Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI), strategically ensures that every pneumatic assembly within your equipment functions as desired and optimizes the environment it functions within.