Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI) prides itself in being a knowledgeable and well-established supplier specializing in robotic system engineering and design. Many clients might need design assistance but lack the physical drawings or specifications for what type of solution they’re seeking. That’s where engineering design comes into play. EDSI is extremely customer-driven and seeks to design products that meet the needs of customers, even if they haven’t fully articulated those design specifications yet. 

Supplier/Client Communication

The engineering design process will always begin with communication between supplier and client. What are the goals for the project? What equipment will be necessary to meet those goals? How must products be customized in order to perform the desired tasks? This interpersonal step is critically important to the overall design process, as it’s where more concrete details and specifications are collaboratively brainstormed. 


Utilizing an experienced and professional engineering design company also ensures that you have access to a wealth of knowledge regarding engineering processes and tools. Once the initial brainstorming has been completed, engineering designers can research similar models, what has worked well in the past, what steps must be taken to make necessary adjustments or additions to other types of products, etc. 

Planning Phase 

After the team has conducted significant research, the planning phase can begin. EDSI utilizes systems like AutoCAD and E-Plan CAD to create incredibly specific drawings with exact measurements, scales, and specifications. These detailed drawings bring the brainstormed ideas to life in a visual way that helps the engineering design team home in on product features to ensure they meet the client’s needs. 

Prototyping and Testing

After numerous designs have been digitally drawn up, the EDSI engineering design team creates prototypes to scale to test whether the design solution functions properly, performs the desired tasks, and meets the customer’s unique needs. Often, this phase of engineering design involves numerous rebuilds and improvements to ensure that the desired product is reliable and functional prior to being created and delivered to the customer. 

One of the great benefits of utilizing a comprehensive supplier such as EDSI is that this type of engineering design is able to be directly transferred to manufacturing – you, as the client, are able to collaborate with the EDSI team from the brainstorming phase to the final delivery to ensure that your product meets all your specialized specifications and gives you peace of mind that there will not be miscommunication between the design and manufacturing phases.