The proper cable assembly can help increase the efficiency and performance of the application.

The success of a cable assembly starts in the planning. Working with your cable assembly supplier, you need to identify many factors, such as the following preliminary factors.

Application and Requirements

First and foremost, you need to determine the requirements and specifications of the application the assembly will be used. By setting the scope and parameters, the planning phase prevents design issues that can drive costs higher or not meet the requirements of the application. You will also need to establish the end-use and environment of the application to develop the best cable assembly solution.

Conductor Materials and Flex Life

While copper is the most commonly used material for assembly applications, a range of copper alloys is available. Each alloy offers specific advantages, such as better hardness, flex range, temperature tolerance, and tensile strength. Reviewing the options and selecting the alloy appropriate for your assembly will ensure optimum performance. The flex life of a cable assembly is dependent on the material. For example, the higher the tensile strength of the alloy, the longer the flex life. Strand construction directly affects the overall flexibility of a conductor or cable.

Conductor Size and Construction 

Choosing the conductor size is based on the electrical power load requirements of the application. Another factor in the selection of the conductor size of the cable is ambient temperature. The ambient temperature and the number of conductors will determine the ampacity of a conductor and its correction factor.

Of course, these are just some of the preliminary considerations when planning a cable assembly. Other factors that play a crucial part include strand construction, plating, insulation, shielding, termination, fillers/tapes, strain/relief, and sealing. Engineering Design Services, Inc. brings cable assembly expertise with a commitment to excellence to deliver complete customer satisfaction.