Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) typically create small components that are then passed on to other companies to produce final products. For example, an OEM may create fasteners that are used in clothing pieces from a major designer, or an OEM may craft the buttons used by an electronics manufacturer. While these original equipment manufacturers don’t put forth the final product for consumers, their contributions are vital to making sure those final products are created. Because of this, it’s crucial to choose a valuable supplier. 

One of the key assets in an OEM supplier is customizability. Clients often have very particular specifications for their products, and a supplier must be able to customize and adapt to meet those needs. Here at Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI), solutions are entirely customizable, and clients can even utilize design services and platforms in order to create designs that meet the unique needs of their projects. 

A valuable supplier must also be able to adapt designs and outcomes based on client needs. While a client may be seeking a specific solution, a knowledgeable and trusted supplier will offer appropriate alternatives as needed. This can mean changing solutions to better accommodate a client’s budget, suggesting unconventional designs that better suit clients’ needs, or being willing to seek out untraditional channels to deliver outcomes more efficiently. This versatility and creativity can be crucial for a valuable supplier/client relationship.

Choosing a valuable OEM supplier also means choosing a supplier that can meet logistical requirements such as accommodating timelines and/or delivery needs. Suppliers with a proven track record of providing quality products in an efficient and time-sensitive manner make for much more trusted business partners. EDSI prides itself in providing targeted solutions that fit within clients’ desired timeframes, and even offers free local delivery to ensure that outcomes are provided to partners as quickly and efficiently as possible.