Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI) prides itself on being a valued manufacturer of custom cable and harness assemblies, with over 25 years of experience and targeted solutions fit to meet customers’ unique needs. 

Cable harnesses and assemblies are groups of cables/wires that are bound together with an outer protective coating, such as rubber or vinyl. These assemblies are built to withstand tougher environmental conditions, such as those found in the automotive industry or with construction machinery. The harnesses themselves both keep the cables organized and protect the electrical wires from outside hazards like extreme temperatures, friction, compression, or moisture. 

Wire harnesses are more delicate in that they coat the wires contained within cable harnesses. For example, each individual wire may have its own protective shield within the larger cable harness that protects against more severe external environmental factors. However, depending on the complexity of the electronic device and the environment it’s in, wire harnesses can be utilized without incorporating a cable harness at all. 

As a potential client seeking manufacturing services, it’s important to choose the proper cable and harness assemblies for your specific needs. The most important factors to consider include: 

Budgetary needs: Because wire harnesses are much more simple and less protective, they’re also generally more cost-effective. These are reliable for basic electronics that will not need extensive protection. Cable harnesses provide a much higher level of shielding, and therefore are a little more costly. However, depending on your project, cable harnesses may be necessary as opposed to wire harnesses.

Potential hazards: Wire harnesses are a mild option if your specific project or design will not be in contact with potential environmental hazards, and your main concern is basic protection and wire organization. Alternatively, if you’re working within an industry, or with equipment, that encounters high or low temperatures, or may encounter outdoor elements, a full cable harness is necessary. 

Having a trusted cable and wire harness manufacturer goes a long way in ensuring that you choose the right solution for your distinctive product. EDSI can guarantee your customized solution meets all your specifications regardless of your application or industry.