Supply chain shortages are an unfortunate reality in the manufacturing world, and clients know all too well the frustration associated with overdue packages and designs that fail to be delivered before the expected deadline. Even the smallest delays can throw off a carefully planned stream of production

Any number of factors can impact supply chains and lengthen deadlines, some of them circumstantial (the COVID-19 pandemic, for example), and others based on the quality of the supplier, such as poor management practices. Specifically in the cable and wire industry, recent disruptions have been caused by natural disasters, global conflicts, and labor shortages. While circumstantial disruptions are inevitable, choosing a high quality supplier who invests in their clients and their products ensures a much smoother supply chain process, and guarantees that your deadlines will be respected and upheld. 

One of the key ways to overcome and avoid supply chain disruptions is to choose a full-service supplier that offers comprehensive services. Splitting up design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery between different suppliers opens the door to more opportunities for interruptions in the supply chain. Alternatively, when one supplier offers comprehensive services, the process runs much smoother and more cohesively. 

Engineering Design Services, Inc. (EDSI) exemplifies the benefits of comprehensive services by both designing and producing assemblies in-house. While other suppliers may require a design prior to production, thus making clients seek design services elsewhere, EDSI removes that step in the supply chain process. 

Selecting a supplier with a long history of expertise in the field and a track record of customer satisfaction, combined with comprehensive in-house services, ensures that your turnaround time will be prompt and effective. 

Here at EDSI, we pride ourselves in an average two-week turnaround, complete with customized assemblies built from customer’s design stipulations and free local delivery, making sure clients are satisfied with both the quality and timeliness of their products.