Engineering Design Services, Inc. offers numerous solutions for clients’ varied design, manufacturing, and distribution needs. For many clients, being able to utilize a full-service supplier that can design, produce, and distribute all at once allows projects to flow much smoother. Among the design capabilities EDSI offers are two distinct platforms: AutoCAD and E-Plan CAD. While both platforms function well for robotic system engineering and design, their capabilities vary depending on the customer’s needs and expectations. 


AutoCAD is one of the most widely used and respected design platforms by Autodesk. It is supported by both Windows and Mac and is powerful enough to create numerous solutions in the realm of 3D architecture and modeling, electrical and construction design, mechanical engineering, and even floor plans. It also incorporates useful integrations such as 12d Synergy, Causeway Professional Design Suite, and Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher. 

While AutoCAD’s early beginnings were in mechanical and civil drafting and designing, it has evolved over time to be a great resource for electrical solutions as well. 

E-Plan CAD

E-Plan CAD is a newer design platform that focuses on electrical, automation, and mechatronic engineering, complete with design portals. This platform is known for focusing on client usability, and typically lends itself well to larger and more complex design projects. 

While it is a more expensive investment than AutoCAD, E-Plan CAD is often considered more engineering-focused, making it an excellent option for clients with more complex electrical designs. One of the key criticisms, however, is that it not only lacks the integrations that AutoCAD offers, but many features are only offered as “add-ons.” 

Both AutoCAD and E-Plan CAD are top notch electrical design platforms and can be used to make clients’ plans into reality. By utilizing the knowledge and skillsets of experienced professionals, such as those at Engineering Design Services, Inc. clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing their product solution is in good hands.