EDSI was formed in January 1995 as System Technology, Inc.  STI became Engineering Design Services, Inc. in September 1997.  During the first four years of the company’s existence, EDSI concentrated on Electrical Design assistance.  In 1998, EDSI added a Manufacturing division.  EDSI continues to grow, and in 2009 we added mechanical design assistance to our list of services.

EDSI was formed to become a vendor to larger companies in need of a resource for their overflow work and projects. The expertise at EDSI is directed at providing engineering and design assistance for electrical control systems that are used in the field of robotics.

Our customers use robotics or similar automation that require electrical controls to coordinate their operation into a total system capable of painting, welding, applying adhesive sealants or moving parts in a factory environment. All of this work is completed utilizing computers and computer aided design (CAD) in a format compatible with our customer’s format and specifications.

EDSI formed a manufacturing division to offer customers the ability to execute a project at one location. As EDSI provides design assistance on a project, the equipment contained in their scope of work requires manufacturing. Since large companies are moving toward a single point of contact, EDSI can help expedite and execute their projects more cost effectively.

EDSI manufactures Electrical Control Panels whose components include programmable logic controllers, operator control stations, system operator consoles, junctions and terminal boxes, as well as all of the electrical cables used to interconnect the various pieces of equipment.  When completed, these items are shipped to our customer’s facility for final integration.  EDSI is also experienced in the manufacturing of pneumatic control panels and equipment along with machine shop and welding services.

EDSI also offers customers the ability to purchase replacement parts directly from us. We will take the order, prepare for shipping and send. EDSI is a stocking distributor of SMC pneumatic equipment.